Does a Puppy Have Buddha Nature

Yes, because he loves you with the innocent moment-to-moment joy 50,000 years of human-canine cohabitation have created. When he poops on the carpet he thinks, “Poop happens, now let’s go for a walk.” While you [...]

Breathing Your Way to Nirvana

We all have a big problem.  We breathe improperly, and it's driving us crazy. But nobody ever taught us how to breathe so that we give our brains the right oxygen nourishment. Things as natural [...]

Home is a safe place. Why I have a Home Office.

My counseling psychology Master’s Degree program required 100 hours of personal therapy, and I found a Jungian analyst nearby. We held sessions in her home’s comfortable den, adorned with paintings, sculptures and two tall oak [...]

I am a Mindful Science Geek

One advantage to being a mindfulness teacher is the explosion of scientific evidence about how good meditation is for your brain. The ancient pundits who taught the same techniques I teach today didn’t have clinics [...]

Good Ol’ AA and Mindfulness Meditation

Alcoholics Anonymous helped me achieve sobriety 27 years ago, and the healing still sticks. Since June 11, 1992, I’ve heard countless criticisms, like the Penn & Teller “Bullshit” series sketch, claim AA lacks statistical credibility. [...]

Suffering is Optional – Downloadable Poster

You have the opportunity to raise your consciousness from anxiety and depression to peace of mind and optimism. Sober Buddha Counseling teaches you how to shift your attention from problems and limitations to the uplifting [...]

8 Ways to Getting “Unstuck”

Feeling bored, unmotivated or trapped by the people, places and circumstances of your life? Don’t worry; there are eight ways to regenerate your interest in even the stickiest time of life. Famous figures from history [...]

My Daily Breath

When the world feels like too heavy, I retreat to concentration on my breath. I feel it as clearly as I can. Cool breath in, warm breath out. Then I rest in the still point [...]