The Matrix often says you don’t have the talent and skills necessary to give up a dull but secure job for a more exciting and unpredictable job where your talent blossoms. The truth is you probably do have the skills and what you don’t have, you can learn.

Here are 13 Ways for Escaping the Matrix of Social Conditioning:

  1. Don’t believe anything unless you’ve experienced it personally.
  2. Admit you have a lot to learn about life.
  3. Let others believe anything they want, even if you think they’re wrong.
  4. Find ways to help people who suffer.
  5. Share your wealth with those who have less.
  6. Breathe through your anger and hatred until it passes.
  7. Slow down.
  8. Speak your truth with calm conviction.
  9. Quit your job if it harms the planet.
  10. Don’t eat anything that used to have a family.
  11. Possess nothing that belongs to someone else.
  12. Respect your own body and others, too.
  13. Learn how to breathe.

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