Feeling bored, unmotivated or trapped by the people, places and circumstances of your life?

Don’t worry; there are eight ways to regenerate your interest in even the stickiest time of life. Famous figures from history like Marcus Aurelius to Albert Einstein to Helen Keller practiced one or more of these principles.

The secret lies in purposefully generating pleasure neuropeptides in your brain by involving yourself in activities you haven’t pursued seriously before. These actions boost dopamine, and when you stick with them your brain starts producing serotonin as a reward. You get two pleasure chemicals circulating and this creates a positive feedback loop. The better you feel, the more active you’ll be, and there’s no end in sight!

Your therapeutic experience at (SBC or DPM?) wlll include one or more of these activities, depending on your personal interests, resources and lifestyle.

Here are 8 Ways to Getting “Unstuck”


1 | Altruism – Reach out generously with your time and talents.


2 | Activism – Work for a meaningful cause (environment, animals, etc.).


3 | Creativity – Write, sing, dance, design, draw, compose, build.


4 | Self-Nurture – Take healthy time just for yourself.


5 | Self Actualization – Improve personal health, education, career, hobbies, learn new skills, etc.


6 | Relationships – Surround yourself with healthy, positive people.


7 | Healthy Risks – Take a chance on doing something you’ve always avoided in the past.


8 | Transcendence – Investigate spiritual beliefs and practices like prayer, meditation, compassion, forgiveness.

Need help implementing some of these activities? Give me a call and we can begin your mindfulness journey together.