Therapists and patients often suffer burnout when it’s time for that dreaded end-of-the-day 6:00 p.m. appointment.

Compassion fatigue can leave them flat, unmotivated. What can you do when four cups of coffee, three Red Bulls and deep yoga breathing techniques don’t perk you up?

Aha! Spray solves the problem of therapy fatigue and boredom!



Aha! Spray ‘s mind-altering aerosol mist puts the intellectual and emotional thrill back into therapy by crossing the blood-brain barrier and accelerating the production of energetic neuropeptides in the brain’s prefrontal cortex.

If you’re a patient, just push the button on the tiny Aha! Spray atomizer when your therapist isn’t looking, and dull counseling will explode into a tsunami of gut-busting laughter, joyful tears and meaningful dialog. Sharing your most deeply-guarded secrets and genius-level epiphanies from deep inside your unconscious mind creates irresistible fun. Your therapist will catch a contact high and offer brilliant responses to everything you say. Neither of you will care what issues brought you to therapy in the first place.  You’re locked into a Dr. Spock here-and-now mind-meld.

A single Aha! Spray shot also stimulates your midbrain’s hypothalamus gland to jolt you with pleasure-producing dopamine. You won’t miss a beat if your therapist asks you about your daily mindfulness meditation practice. You’ll rave about the ancient Buddhist Visuddhimagga path of purification literature that has enabled you to experience free-floating awareness.  And when your therapist asks the inevitable “…and how does that make you feel?” question, you shift into a full-lotus sitting position and chant, “Gate, gate, paragate, parasamghate bodhisvaha…” until the therapy hour ends.

Don’t let your therapy life degenerate into a psychobabble loop of pointless cognitive-behavioral problem-solving.  Aha! Spray guarantees you’ll discover cosmic truths that could not be revealed any other way.

2.5-ounce Aha! Spray spritzers are smaller than an 8GB USB memory stick. Your therapist will never know you brought mind-altering chemicals into the counseling room.

Aha! Spray may not be included in your health insurance pharmaceutical formulary.  Check with your provider.  

BLOGGERS DISCLAIMER: Theres actually no such product as Aha! Spray, but mindful therapy can help you manage the stress of challenging life experiences by enhancing your problem-solving brain function in as little as eight weeks (Harvard University School of Medicine). At SBC/DPM you will learn the essential skills of mental concentration, sensory clarity and emotional equanimity. These three abilities grow stronger with practice to raise your base level of personal happiness at work and play on a daily basis. Call me today to learn more.