When you’re so burned out that everything feels like a mini-trauma, you will benefit from counseling that feels safe and nonjudgmental, a real respite from whatever anxiety is happening in the rest of your life.

“Safe” means the person you counsel with, the setting for sessions and the mindful, nonjudgmental approach of your counselor reduce anxiety rather than frame your issues as problems. I use a comfortable, private home office to provide a relaxing and informal ambiance,  and I will listen patiently while you tell the story of what has happened to you and what you hope to change to make your life happier.

Counseling at with Sober Buddha at Dana Point Mindfulness is more like talking to a trusted grandfather than to a mental health professional. The outside world is always telling you to conform to one socially-conditioned reality or another, but here you’ll be encouraged to decide for yourself what is true and what isn’t. After each session, you will feel refreshed and energized, not burdened or torn down.

The anxiety, depression or addiction you are experiencing aren’t mental disorders. They’re temporary states of mind and body that you can learn to accept, understand and flow with. Positive soul and evolutionary psychology teach that you have wisdom in your DNA that can cope with any problem.

Evolutionary psychology tells us the modern world has forgotten the invaluable wisdom of the ages.

To recapture empowering ideas from history, your counseling here will include educational elements from Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths:

  1. Everything is impermanent,
  2. Suffering comes from the ego’s desires,
  3. You can free yourself from your mind’s attachments and
  4. The path of concentration, clarity and equanimity will free you from suffering. Look at your counseling here as the Happiness 101 class you never took in school.

Contact me today, and let’s begin your journey to heal.