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Home is a safe place. Why I have a Home Office.


My counseling psychology Master’s Degree program required 100 hours of personal therapy, and I found a Jungian analyst nearby. We held sessions in her home’s comfortable den, adorned with paintings, sculptures and two tall oak bookcases. She was a petite older woman, casually-dressed with pure [...]

Home is a safe place. Why I have a Home Office.2020-03-23T20:15:15-07:00

Are You Highly Sensitive? Answer these questions and find out.


Being thoughtful is good, but being a highly sensitive person (HSP) can hurt. If you score 14 points or more, Sober Buddha (949-212-4149) can help you learn to cope with the people, places, and situations that trouble you. Instructions: Answer each question according to the [...]

Are You Highly Sensitive? Answer these questions and find out.2020-03-23T20:10:19-07:00

Good Ol’ AA and Mindfulness Meditation


Alcoholics Anonymous helped me achieve sobriety 27 years ago, and the healing still sticks. Since June 11, 1992, I’ve heard countless criticisms, like the Penn & Teller “Bullshit” series sketch, claim AA lacks statistical credibility. I could care less since it helped me get my [...]

Good Ol’ AA and Mindfulness Meditation2020-03-15T07:55:31-07:00

Suffering is Optional – Downloadable Poster


You have the opportunity to raise your consciousness from anxiety and depression to peace of mind and optimism. Sober Buddha Counseling teaches you how to shift your attention from problems and limitations to the uplifting energies of love, compassion and forgiveness.  Through the Sober Buddha [...]

Suffering is Optional – Downloadable Poster2020-03-08T12:07:07-07:00

13 Ways for Escaping the Matrix of Social Conditioning


The Matrix often says you don’t have the talent and skills necessary to give up a dull but secure job for a more exciting and unpredictable job where your talent blossoms. The truth is you probably do have the skills and what you don’t have, [...]

13 Ways for Escaping the Matrix of Social Conditioning2020-03-08T12:06:32-07:00

Aha! Spray – The Psychotherapy Patient’s Miracle


Therapists and patients often suffer burnout when it’s time for that dreaded end-of-the-day 6:00 p.m. appointment. Compassion fatigue can leave them flat, unmotivated. What can you do when four cups of coffee, three Red Bulls and deep yoga breathing techniques don’t perk you up? Aha! [...]

Aha! Spray – The Psychotherapy Patient’s Miracle2020-03-15T08:31:16-07:00

8 Ways to Getting “Unstuck”


Feeling bored, unmotivated or trapped by the people, places and circumstances of your life? Don’t worry; there are eight ways to regenerate your interest in even the stickiest time of life. Famous figures from history like Marcus Aurelius to Albert Einstein to Helen Keller practiced [...]

8 Ways to Getting “Unstuck”2020-03-08T12:05:50-07:00


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